A Quick And Simplified Guide For Importing Your Car To Canada


We all know that importing goods is always confusing, and if that’s a car, the process can be more cumbersome to say the least. Expectedly, the are rules and regulations to be followed, and in Canada, the norms are pretty strict. In simple words, the car you are trying to import must be inspected first, required money must be paid, and in some cases, a green levy tax is payable. If you don’t want to get into the complications of it and still want to get your dream car to Canada, a customs broker, such as Clearit car importing, can be useful. Here is a close look at the thing works.

The need for a customs broker

Hiring a customs broker is not a compulsion. If you can get the car imported to Canada on your own, you should do that. Think of customs brokers as your guided assistant. They help you navigate through the process and will be around to take care of the paperwork and all relevant aspects that eventually matter in importing the vehicle.

Understand what’s important

In case of car imports, the destination and origin of the vehicle will be considered. The details must be shared, as required, with your customs broker in advance. Most customs brokers are open to discussing the process with their clients, and they will also explain the routings, as well as, tariff classification. A good broker is like an asset, because they can help you discover ways to save on the costs, if viable and in accordance to the law and requirements.

Selecting the right customs broker

A customs broker is expected to know everything about import rules and norms. Of course, experience is the first thing you should be seeking, and it is always better to hire a service that’s open to explaining car import procedures. As a client, you should know what you are paying for. That said, not customs brokers charge the same money, and if a service charges more than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. You can always check the website of the concerned customs broker to know more on their experience and expertise, and don’t forget to check the reviews of other customers.

Even though customs brokers do charge a fee for their work, that price is worth paying, because it’s your dream that’s being brought to Canada. Check online to know more!