Guide 101: Various Aspects You Must Know About A Customs Broker!


Dealing in international trade and importing can be confusing, because imports are subjected to a wide number of rules, norms, and regulations. Keeping up with the complicated federal requirements, which often change with time, can be a tough job, and that’s exactly when you can hire a Customs broker like Clearit USA importing.

To start off, Customs brokers are licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and their prime job is to get shipments cleared and ensure that your business is compliant with trade laws and regulations. A Customs broker can also do business on your behalf, and it is necessary to sign a power of attorney for your broker, so that they can act for your business. Now that you know the basics of Customs brokers, here’s more on other aspects.

What’s the role of a Customs broker?

It depends on why you hire one, but a Customs broker is involved in varied things, right from offering consultation to individuals and businesses on import-export procedures to handling the paperwork, suggesting the application of codes, and so on. Besides keeping their license current, all custom brokers are required to have permits for the districts that they operate in. You can rely on them for advice on how to do business offshore and keeping up with the updating trade laws that are applicable to international trade and Customs.

When to engage a Customs broker?

For the uninitiated, custom duties must be paid within ten working days from the date of entry of shipment, and if you are not sure of how to procure your shipment, you must consult a Customs broker. You are also required to sign the power of attorney in advance, so that the broker can pay the duties and bill you later. Also, if you have paid more in duties and are eligible for a refund, you can contact a Customs broker and they can get the paperwork done for the process. In short, every time you think you cannot handle a particular aspect related to Customs, you can go back to your broker for help.

The best Customs brokers are known for working as an extended arm for their clients, and their agents are accessible in real time, so you don’t have to wait for help. Just ensure that the Customs broker you have selected is experienced enough and can handle all kinds of air, ocean, and truck shipments.